Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wasabi smoked salmon nori

Pret A Manger have launched these new nori wraps which add a little Japanese twist to the wraps by adding a layer of nori to it.

There is Salmon or Chicken.

The Wasabi smoked salmon nori contains: smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled daikon and ginger, spinach, cucumber and mayo.

The Bang Bang chicken nori contains: chicken, pickled carrot and ginger, nori, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, roasted sesame and sesame dressing.

I chose the salmon because it had all the fillings that I liked.

The green goodness looked good but I was already having the miso soup.

Wasabi smoked salmon nori:

The wrap was made so much nicer with the nori (seaweed) because it gave it an extra touch of umami but it made the wrap quite tough to eat because the nori was soft and chewy.
The daikon (Chinese radish) gave it a lovely crunch with a pickled taste which went well with the salty smoked salmon and wasabi dressing that gave it a good Japanese kick to it.
It also had pickled ginger in it too but I picked it out because I don't like it.

Miso soup:
The miso soup tastes lighter than the ones you get in Japanese restaurant, but it was ok for me because I don't get so thirsty after drinking it.

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