Saturday, July 05, 2014

Al fresco place to have French food

I was early for a tasting at Gin Sai when I spotted this shop across the road.
They have a branch in Sheung Wan, but this branch is better because it has a wide range of baguettes, quiches and soup.

It was after 6pm so all their food was at reduced price and I got a baguette with brie and lettuce for $26 which was a bargain.

Brie and lettuce baguette:

The baguette was really good because there were so many slices of Brie which was creamy and soft but unfortunately the baguette was too hard and chewy.
Ham and cheese quiche:

Nice wooden knife and fork!

The quiche looked weird, it was as thin as a pizza and the cheese on topped was brown.
I felt like I was eating pizza because of the grilled cheese on top and how thin it was.
Monsieur Chatte:
Shop 4, G/F, Lucky house, 17-21 Burrows Street, Wan Chai

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