Thursday, July 17, 2014

The future of Wharf Road without Hung's Delicacies

This used to be an ordinary car mechanics street in North Point before Hung's Delicacies got famous.
As well as Hung's Delicacies, Yat Woon Min used to be a few doors away.
Now with the two stars gone, I wonder what the future holds for Wharf Road.

Anyway, went to the farewell party for this branch of Hung's Delicacies.

Here was the feast we had.
Vegetarian goose:

The beancurd skin was soft and delicious drenched in rich soya sauce.
Duck tongues in wine:

These are the best duck tongues in wine that I have ever tasted because they were soft and gelatinous and it came off the soft bones easily.
The wine had soaked right through the tongue giving an even wine flavouring all the way through.

The fish came of the skin easily and it had rich fish oils.
Chicken tendons in mustard sauce:

Although the sesame chicken tendons tasted better, I could not help myself from eating this as well because I loved the texture and the mustard sauce.
Duck chins:

I have not tried these before but they had a nice sesame and spicy taste.
Beef in abalone sauce:

The photo looks like a dish of fish maw but it was actually beef with delicious membrane attached.
The membrane was gelatinous just like fish maw and with the abalone sauce the taste was amazing just like eating fish maw in abalone sauce with some meat attached.
Signature noodles:

These noodles are their signature noodles which are tossed in XO sauce with bean shoots and spring onions.
I liked these noodles because they are the thin type and it was fully flavoured and slightly spicy.
Choi lan style noodles::

These noodles are tossed in pork oil with soy sauce, ginger and spring onions which is how Choi lan likes to eat it.
Vegetarian mix in red beancurd sauce:

The dish was wholesome and hearty with a good balance of chinese cabbage, tofu, and gingko nuts.
It was sweet with a fragrant red beancurd taste.
Bay Lobster:

In Chinese it is called peipah prawns but to me it looks like a flat lobster which is probably why it is classified as a lobster in English.
The taste was just like lobster, it was sweet and springy.
Sichuan ox tongue slices:

The ox tongue slices were tasty with the fragrant Sichuan spices on top.
Garlic chicken:

The garlic chicken was flavourful with the crispy pieces of garlic on top.
Steamed chicken:

The chicken was juicy and tender.
Soya goose:

Each slice of goose was divine because they werw soft and tender.

Beneath the duck were tofu slices.
Anyway, I wish Chef Hung and the team all the best at their new location and see what the future holds for Wharf Road!

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