Thursday, July 10, 2014

Watch out for the new tea blends

Choosing a tea here is quite a headache because there are so many lovely choices!!
My favourites are Duchess Grey, Highland toffee, Whisky and Ginger andChristmas pudding.

Now, there are new blends to the tea collection.

Here are the opening hours, so don't get caught out.

A while ago, I went with friends and decided to try their picks which were Whisky and ginger and Bells of St Clements.

The Whisky and ginger was surprisingly good with a warming strong fiery ginger taste while the other one was pleasant.

The menu has healthy porridge too.

I have been here numerous times which is why there are so many different items on this review.

Healthy Porridge:

I have never liked porridge but I just felt compelled to eat it again because I havent had it for ages, anyway I was glad I had it because I was rekindled with that familiar creamy milky taste again.
Toasted teacakes:

Had this during Easter and it was deliciously buttered.
It was toasted just right with sticky sweet raisins.
Mexican Chai:

(Chocolate and Chili)

This has now become my favourite blend because it was just like drinking chocolate with a chili kick.
The taste was amazing and extremely chocolatey, if you add milk and sugar, it is just like drinking hot chocolate.
Hot cross buns:

These were Easter specials and they made two batches, the first batch was my favourite because it had pieces of apple in it.
The second batch were traditional with orange peel but were nice as well.
Cherry slice:

This was annoyingly delicious but again it is a seasonal special.
I loved the vanilla icing on top with the layer of sweet jam in the middle.
Shortbread Teas
Basement of 55 Wellington Street

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