Friday, July 18, 2014

Venchi world in Central

A while ago you could only get Venchi chocolates from specialists shops like The Royal House in To Kwa Wan.
Now, there is a Venchi on Stanley Street, Central serving chocolate, coffees and gelato.

Quoted from the press release: “Founded in 1878, the secrets to Italian premium chocolate brand Venchi are fresh and quality natural ingredients, having developed over 250 unique flavors exuding truly Italian taste, including chocaviar, chocolate cigars, and chocolight series that is low in calories and has no added sugar.”
The shop offers “Pick & Mix”, where customers can pick their favorite chocolates to be measured by weight.

For diabetics, they have Venchi Chocolight which has no added sugar and low in calories as well as a gluten free range.

Mini book metal tin cudotti chocaviar gift box

The creme brulee was my favourite because it had gooey sweet caramel in the middle.
The other too were rich with a heavy cocoa taste.
Creme brulee:

creme cocoa:

75% Cocoa:


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