Friday, July 04, 2014

Grab and go at EAT2GO

EAT2GO is part of the OZO Wesley hotel, which is why they serve the same seafood pies as Zaan.
Their grab-and-go outlet offers take-away sandwiches, salads, soups and other snacks and treats made fresh every day, along with a selection of juices, shakes, coffees and other beverages.
Previously, this outlet used to be Pret A Manger.
Anyway, when I got there, quite a lot of the items were sold out so I just got the Thai shrimp cakes.
Thai shrimp cake salad with citrus:

Here' s what it says on the labelling.
Chinese lettuce, Thai shrimp cake, orange cube (I think they mean oranges or orange slices), roasted peanut, boiled French Bean, Cherry tomatoes and Thai dressing.

It looked more like an appetizer than a salad and it should have been simply called Thai shrimp cakes then I would have thought the salad was a bonus because I counted one whole cherry tomato, three short pieces of French bean and four pieces of orange.

The prawn cakes were surprisingly good because there were lot of prawns in it and no lemongrass.
After dipping it in the Thai sauce, it was more appetizer but the prawn cakes were too salty and the oranges tasted like canned mandarin slices.

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