Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bubble and squeak at The Salted Pig

In many of my reviews I was in search of the delicious Bubble and Squeak, but I could not find any place in HK that served it.
When I was looking at the new restaurants section, I saw THE SALTED PIG, it sounded quite British for some reason but at that time there was no reviews on it.

Then later I found that IVYCWK had been there and from one of her photos I saw the words Bubble and Squeak so I was thrilled and had to go there asap!

When I got there, the restaurant had this rustic feel to it but it somehow felt American, it reminded me of the books "Of mice and Men" and "Grapes of Wrath".
The music that was playing in the background also took you back in time.

The menu was simple, it was printed on the table sheets, the one for dinner is different so there is a dinner sheet for dinner.

Basically for lunch there are three sets to choose from depending on your apetite and whether you want something simple or complex.
For me I needed complexity and I was hungry too!!!
You can choose from Piglet, Porker or Wild boar.
Analyzing the menu it did seem quite british because it had items such as Buttie, Ploughmans etc.

I picked two Wild boars lunches and chose soup of the day and the Homemade Terrine of pork because the salads were quite ordinary.
Then for the mains I ordered the All day breakfast which was a must have because of the bubble and squeak and the Ploughmans platter.

The food was served on these coated metal plates which were extremely light and they reminded me of school dinners somehow.
★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Sweetcorn and potato soup:
The soup was a good start, this was the soup of the day. I couldnt quite taste the potatoes but there were lots of spices in the soup and generous croutons and fresh cream.
It was a simple sweetcorn soup that was not so simple because it was loaded with other tastes as well.
Homemade Terrine of pork: The presentation of this was good and I loved the cute pot that held the pickles, it was bright orange and matched the pickles in it.
There was lots mustards seeds in the pickles.
It reminded me of Chutney and it had pieces of cauliflower and carrots, it was very refreshing and appetizing. As for the Terrine I really loved it because it had pistachios and lots of strong herbs in it. It was wrapped in ham before it was sliced. So it has ham on the outside and not pastry.
After the soup and starters the mains arrived.
Ploughmans platter:
Menu description
Home made terrine and scotch egg, charcuterie, cheese, apple and bread. I was expecting a huge sandwich with pickles and cheese but it was a board mostly of salami which was disappointing.
Hence I felt that it was not so British because if they insisted with the charcuterie, there should have been less charcuteries, more cheese, apples and pickles.
There were only ONE piece of cheese on that board. The scotch egg did not look like an scotch egg, the shape was flat, after cutting it opened I found half an egg in there which explains the shape. However the egg yolk was quite nice, it was semi cooked to the pointed that it was not starchy.
The terrine was the same as the terrine in the starter.
The All day Big breakfast:
Menu description bacon, sausage, tomatos, bubble and squeak, mushrooms, poached eggs, toast. In terms of BIG, it was not big and the way it was served was exactly like the breakfasts at The green waffle in a skilet.
There was one poached egg, but on the menu it states eggs. The mushroom was one big portabello mushroom.
The bubble and squeak which I was looking forward to was just the same as the skilet breakfasts at the Green Waffle which is a mix of potatoes, bacon and onion.
It was close but not as good as the Bubble and Squeak in the UK because the UK version had scrambled eggs, cheese and alot of other items in it as well.
After finishing the mains, I was still extremely hungry and on the menu it said you could add $20 for dessert which you cannot choose.

The dessert board was brought over and there were five choices and I did not want the carrot cake for $20 which came with the set lunch. There were three that I were interested in, white chocolate pistachio mousse, banana Eaton mess and the Raspberry marshmallow with rhubarb.

Again the dessert menu seemed quite British because it had the Eaton mess and rhuburb.

I chose the Rhubarb marshmallow. Raspberry marshmallow with rhubarb:
It would have been good if it was a real marshmallow but it was mousse, however the centre of the mousse was still quite icy and it had not been thawed properly. The Rhubarb on top was surperb the sourness of the rhubarb complemented the sweetness of the mousse.
If I knew the Ploughmans had so much cold cuts of salami I would have chosen the pork sandwich and see how good their pork is.
Photos of the restaurant: ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

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