Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tagliatelle with Chinese roast pork @ Deli-O

Photos of the restaurant:
When I walked by, this restaurant reminded me of Simplylife and Maxim's western style restaurants.
The decor inside was similar too.
Tagliatelle with Chinese roast pork:
It was really good that they used Tagliatelle instead of ordinary spaghetti because the tagliatelle absorbs more soup and it was tastier.
The roast pork was just the usual, there was nothing spectactualar about it but there was no complaint because it was not too fatty or dry.
The broth tasted like Knorrs chicken soup.
Toast with ham and scrambled egg:
The toast was reasonable and the ham and scrambled egg was just done Chinese style.
Photos of the menu/tea sets:
They had fish and chips and minced pies but as the style was not really Western I did not bother ordering that.

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