Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interesting sizzling steak @ Legend Restaurant

Saw the photos from the previous review and the sausage looked interesting.

It looked like two huge slices of vietnamese sausage so I had to check it out.

Again I got to To Kwa Wan by ferry from North Point and this restaurant is right next to this Chocolate shop that sells Venchi chocolates and fruit covered chocolates.

Apart from the sizzling steaks I also wanted to try the fried egg with their secret recipe soy sauce.

Although the decor was quite modern, this restaurant feels really old just like those "bing suts".
Pity I did not take photos of the drinks/kitchen area.
Interesting square bowl!
Although it was strange being given a piece of toast it was much better than those nasty sweet buns given with the soup at least the toast was savoury.
Beef steak Chinese wok style and spicy sausage:
There were two slices of sausage and four big pieces of beef steaks underneath the sausage.
The beef steak was good because it was tender and had no beef taste, but for people who like beef they can choose the beef sirloin.
But since I am not a beef lover I chose this one as there was less beef taste.

Luckily the sausage was not spicy but there were lots of chopped pieces of green peppers and red peppers in it.
The sizzling style platter can also be served on a plate so next time I will ask for a plate and the gravy will not get evapourated.
As for the fries I preferred the ones shown on the previous photo because they did not have so much oil in it.

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