Monday, October 01, 2012

Dinner under close surveillance part two @ 畔溪尚粵館

Please note part of this review is fictional except details about the food
Previously had a CHINESE meal at another restaurant under surveillance and this time was monitored again by another group of spies dressed as waitors here.
Anyway took some British government officials who were visiting Hong Kong so decided to dine here.

As well as the spies dressed as waitors, the chefs were probably spies as well because the food was awful!

They ordered the set dinner

Platter with four things

All the items were just fat and bones.
Lobster with E-fu noodles
The lobster that was used was not fresh and there was more lobster shell than meat.
As well as that there was lots of brittle lobsters shells all over the noodles.
Bamboo piths, inmitation sharks fin with egg white
Steamed garoupa

The fish was steamed for too long, the fish stuck to the bones, the oil that was poured on top of the fish was rancid.
Stir fried scallops and in XO sauce
A healthy dish of vegetables and seafood made oily because they used generous amounts of oil.
Riverside restaurant Signature chicken

This was appalling, it was a bowl of oil as well as brittle sharp chicken bones!
If this is their signature dish it should have been better.
Just the usual boring red bean dessert.
As well as the appauling food, there were at least 2 waitors by our table for the whole dinner!
I can understand they are spies, but you don't need to be too obvious!!

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