Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second visit to Hop Yick, there will be a third

Since my last visit I was craving for more food from Sham Shui Po, the rice rolls and the liver noodles.

This was my first stop.

Last time the sauces made the rice rolls a bit too soggy so this time I asked for it plain.
Rice rolls:
The rice rolls still tasted as delicious as the first visit and after eating the preserved egg, I used that plate as a sauce plate and dip the rice rolls there.
Their soy sauce is quite strong, so you only need a little bit.
For me I liked my rice rolls with soy sauce only, but on my next visit I will try the full thing with ALL the sauces.
Preserved eggs:
These preserved eggs were really mushy, the yolk part had this alkaline taste to it.

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