Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cute burgers but grouchy over a cocktail stick

Apart from this restaurant I wanted to dine at the one next to it to.

It was hard getting to the middle restaurant because you were shoved the menu before you could even walk to the other restaurant.
Since I wanted to try the mini burgers here I didnt mind.
Fries with meat sauce:
The meat sauce tasted like the filling in the shepherds pie, it had carrots, minced beef in tomato sauce sprinkled with spring onions and finely grated cheese.
I felt that forks should have been given because it was extremely difficult trying to eat the chips with skewers and there was still plenty of meat sauce which I couldnt eat with a skewer!
Mini turkey burgers:
The patty was grilled on a surface that previously had beef on it so there was strong beef juices on it as well.
The pickles and sauces were really refreshing but the mini burgers did not have those cute cocktail sticks as shown on the previous reviews that Foodcraver and LawrenceLau posted.huffy

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