Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orangelicious deep sea octopus and turkey gizzards

I rarely eat from these street stalls because it usually results in food poisoning, but this particular stall is one that I walked past all the time and get the temptation to try it, however everytime I pass by it is always crowded and it is right on the corner of the road where everyone crosses the road from.
It was really good because the cabinet had the whole gizzards and octopus tentacles so you could visually see how big they were.
Recently I tried some orange coloured pig intestines which I have never tried before and realised they were really delicious and did not have a foul smell.
The ones that smelt bad were the big intestines with a fatty lining but the smaller intestines looks like huge flattened macaroni.

For these street stalls snacks I just found out that there are two ways of eating the snacks, one is eaten chilled and the other that is blanched.

The snacks here are eaten chilled and surprisingly for this type of snack there are only two sauces to put on it: yellow mustard and sweet sauce.

Finally I had the chance to experience the messyness of eating snacks on the street, holding the skewer away from the body so that you do not drip the sauce on your clothes but on the pavement/road.
Anyway the owner was quite nice, she said I could take my time eating it.
Deep sea octopus tentacles:
I tried the octopus because the tentacles looked huge. It was so delicious I had another one.
The tentacles were extremely tender and the sauce it was marinated in was packed with aromatic spices that are not spicy.
The tentacles looked so glassy and shiny in the cabinet that they were just irresistable.
I tried without the sauces and it was nice but after adding the yellow mustard which had a hint of sourness, it was even more appetising!
First skewer:
Second skewer:
Turkey gizzard:
I was surprised at the enormity of these gizzards, I thought the chicken was fed drugs to enlarge its gizzard or it had some illness.
Then after looking at the menu I found out that these were not chicken gizzards but TURKEY which explains the size.
As for the taste, it was really nice and well complemented by the sweet sauce and yellow mustard.
The gizzard texture was really meaty and did not smell.
I am really surprised that this snack joint only has one review which was dated 2010, so this joint must have been here for quite a while and everytime I go past it, there are so many people queuing for it too

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