Wednesday, October 03, 2012

French crepes now at Ms Penguin

Since my last visit, there is now a French guy serving crepes!!!

Apart from crepes they had various French things on display.
I didnt need to speak to him in Chinese but apparently he can speak Chinese!
His English was quite good for a French guy, he did not have the French accent in his English and he looks Italian in my opinion.

Anyway I tried the Chestnut crepe, usually I do not try chestnut items for desserts because the Chinese ones are really sweet and starchy.
Sweet crepe with chestnut cream:
The crepe was made on the iron galette which was pre buttered to make it non stick.
The crepe was piping hot!
The chestnut filling was slightly sweeter than I imagined and it was also as starchy as the Chinese ones.
But the crepe was quite nice.
The texture of the crepe was quite soft and it was similar to the pancakes made for Pancakes day (British version).

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