Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pizza Hut: Tuscani pizza series BBQ Bonanza sausage

Recently saw the promo for the new Tuscani pizzas, there are three pizzas in the range that have a different cheese in each one.
As I like all the cheeses I have decided to try all of them.

The three pizzas in this range are: BBQ Sausage Bonanza, Portobello passion and Feta n Ocean.
BBQ Sausage Bonanza is pizza with meat sausage, rocket leaf, creamy cheese and BBQ sauce.
Portabello passion is pizza with camembert cheese, portobello mushrooms, grilled chicken and pesto sauce.
Feta n Ocean is pizza with feta cheese, prawns, spinach and tomato sauce.
The Tuscani series is much better than the six cheese pizza because the cheeses are paired to different ingredients and you sample the different cheeses more clearly.

Ordered the TUSCANI COMBO which includes soup, salad, pizza, rice/pasta and drinks for $268.
The soup and salad arrived at appropriate times, when I nearly finished them the mains and the pizza was brought over.
Mushroom soup:
The soup tasted milky and the same as Campbell's soup.
Vegetable soup:
Strong tomato taste with generous pieces of cabbage and onion.
Caesar salad:
The salad has improved, and I liked the way the caesar sauce is separate so for those on a diet they can put less sauce.
On top of the lettuce there was parmesan cheese and fine bacon bits.
Mushroom risotto:
There were lots of mushrooms in it, however I found the taste too milky.
BBQ sausage bonanza:
Out of the three pizzas, I tried this one first because the other two seemed nicer and I wanted to try them last.
I found this pizza too sweet because of the BBQ sauce and pineapple, but apart from that the chunky pieces of sausage were good.
The creamy cheese was extremely thick and tasted like dairylea cheese triangles but not as salty as that.
Although this one was too sweet, I will still try the feta and portobello passion because I like feta and camembert.
Hot lemon drink:
I was surprised that you pour the water yourself which was fun.

Feta n Ocean:

Portobello passion:

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