Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious buko pie again @ Quezon Express

After dining at Greyhound and having the coconut crepe, I remembered that Quezon also has a similar pie which also has young coconut meat.
It only costs $10 per slice.

When I got there, they had new items in the cooked section AGAIN!~
Everytime I come here, there is always something new in the cooked section to tempt me to try.
This time I tried the grilled chicken leg.

When you order you can pick two items with rice which costs around $25-27 depending what you pick.
It generally costs more if you pick fish, steak or chicken.

Grilled chicken leg:
The grilled chicken legs looked nice behind the counter even though it was covered in pink/red sauce.
The taste was sweet and the chicken was nicely grilled, however it was hard eating it using the plastic fork and spoon provided.
Bamboo shoots:
I do not know what the dish is called but it was really nice because bamboo shoots were soaked in vinegar and cooked with chili so it tasted spicy as well.
The taste of the bamboo was also woody but it did not have that weird smell the yellow bamboo shoots have.
Buko pie:
This was delicious as expected and I loved the crust because it was soft and not overbaked.
The young coconut was slightly hard this time and needed a knife to cut this pie.
The sweetness was just right as well.
As well as the buko pie, the egg pie is also delicious:
I also like the way they have their own packaging which is made of card so the food doesnt taste and smell of PFC.

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