Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thick cut fries served from now on!!!! @ Burger King

Walked past and noticed that they were serving thick cut fries.
When I went in I realised these thick cut fries have replaced the thin cut fries served before.

It is quite interesting for a well established fast food chain to change their fries, I wonder if it is a global change as well.

Anyway I decided to try them.
Thick cut fries:
Although they are marketed as thick cut, they were not that thick, they were about 7-9 mm in diameter.
The thin fries before were probably around 6-7 mm in diameter.
Since they were slightly thicker than the fries before, it made the fries more substantial, the inside was soft with a slight crispy exterior.
As they were thicker, not much salt remained on the surface of the fries so they were not that salty and I felt that more ketchup was needed to makeup for the taste.
The fries before were tastier but these are also good too because they have a lovely soft center.
Perhap they need an extra pinch of salt.

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