Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cornmeal crusted catfish @ Blue Smoke Bar-B-Que

Previously dined here before and their semi-buffet lunch was good, so this time went again.
Although the buffet was not as good as before, the mains were still OK.
The buffet choice was quite limited and there was no soup or fried chicken which was available before.
Even the dessert buffet selection was limited.
Catfish sandwich:
I have always wanted to try the catfish so I ordered that.
The catfish was coated in cornmeal and came with freshly made crisps.
The coating was really interesting, the cornmeal was extremely fine, and it had an extra crispy texture.
The coating was light because the cornmeal was ultrafine like semolina.
The fish was nice and succulent and tender but the coating was slightly too salty.
As for the crisps, they were slightly hard but since they were freshly done they were quite nice.
Chili beef:
As always the chili beef is packed with so many spices and my favourite kidney beans.
It also came with coloured nachos which all tasted the same and it was available in the buffet selection as well.

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