Wednesday, October 03, 2012

McDs Ebi burger with sesame/thousand island sauce 2012

My favourite Ebi Burger is back and so is my favourite seasoning for the fries.

This year they have the Ebi burger with Thousand island sauce or Sesame sauce.
As a preference I prefer the thousand island sauce because it is similar to prawn cocktail sauce.

For the fries they have Seaweed seasoning or Wasabi powder seasoning.
Ebi burger with sesame sauce:
The bun for the sesame sauce is slightly different because it has black and white sesame seeds on the top.
I tried this one first because the taste is not as strong as thousand island sauce.
I was surprised it was really nice because the taste of the sesame sauce is similar to sesame oil and not the grounded sesame sauce even though it was creamy, however there could have been more sauce.
The sauce was slightly sweet but matched the prawn patty and the colour of the sauce was beige.
Ebi burger with thousand island:
In contrast to the sesame sauce, the thousand island sauce was much more refreshing but for both burgers the amount of sauce was so stingy!
Seaweed powder:
As usual the seaweed powder tastes really nice however they could reduce the salt in the seasoning because McDonald's fries already have salt sprinkled on them before they are scooped into the fries box.
Wasabi powder:
This was really nice but the seasoning needs to be shaken well or some fries will have strong wasabi taste and some fries would just be sweet.
But when it is shaken properly the wasabi and the sweetness really enhances the fries.
Breadcrumb coating:
The last time McDonalds had this burger it was not breadcrumb coating, but with the breadcrumb coating it seems to overpower the taste of the prawn patty.
Cross section of the prawn patty:

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