Monday, April 20, 2015

3/3rds = 1 = whole = 100%

Went to this market held by foodie and it was more popular than anticipated because you had to queue at the entrance to go in.

I was immediately captivated by 3/3rd which was just by the entrance selling salads and grilled cheese toasts.

It was now or never to try it because their restaurant is located in Aberdeen which is a place I would never go but saying that it is very tempting to go now that I have tried their salads.
Tallore is my favourite place for salads because their creativity is endless but the salads here are just as good especially their cooked dishes.
For cooked dishes I love the worldwide flavours they have such as:
Cajun, African beef, Gumbo, Burmese chicken, Brazilian chicken, Yucatan chicken, Moghul beef, saffron fish and more according to their FB.

Salads they had at the stall:
Roasted aubergine with saffron yoghurt

Sweet potato wedges

Peas & Beans with Mustard Seeds & Tarragon Salad

Wild Rice salad

As well as salads they have the grilled cheese toast made with a combo of comte, cheddar and raclette with onions!
I would of had that but I was full

For desserts they have pretty meringue mushrooms.

The name 3/3rd is interesting if you look at it from a maths point of view, it means 1.
Peas & Beans with Mustard Seeds & Tarragon Salad:

This was amazing, I loved the vibrant green peas and there was so much going on in terms of flavour.
It tasted really exotic with an interesting spring onion and ginger taste even though it was not in the salad.
Wild rice salad :
quinoa, basmati and wild rice, dried apricots, pomegranate seeds.

The rice was good too but it could have been softer because I loved the basmati grains and quinoa that was mixed in it.
The apricots and pomegranate seeds gave it a lovely sweet flavour.
Unit 22D, Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street,
Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen
3462 2951

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