Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some changes at Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar

Since the last visit, the staff have changed to locals and for the pastas you don't get to choose the type of pastas anymore such as buccatini or capellini.

Started with some tea.

Fried portobello with chicken strips, bacon, brown sauce and rocket:

Previously tried this at the Kennedy town branch.
It was my favourite because the coating absorbed the tasty brown sauce which tasted like Marmite.
In the middle there was a big juicy portobello mushroom.
Beetroot & Rocket:

The rocket was too bitter for my liking.
Bacon and honey pizza:

Bacon lovers will love this but personally I found the bacon too fat and the honey thing is catered for local tastes.
Aglio olio:

Each strand was covered in olive oil and herbs but it was too spicy compared to the previous visit.

The lasagne was delicious with tangy tomato sauce and minced meat filling.

A light and fluffy dessert that was not too sweet.
Panna cotta:

This was creamy with a milky taste.

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