Saturday, April 04, 2015

Hong Kong's Duck and Waffle

If you have tried the signiature duck and waffle at London's Duck & Waffle restaurant, you are going to be excited with this new Duck waffle and confit dish at The Pudding Nouveau!
Since my last visit, there are more comfort dishes on the menu other than waffles.

Duck confit and waffle:

It looks just as good as the ones in London.

As for the taste, I was most impressed with the duck because the duck was soft and supple with a tasty crispy duck skin that was delicious when eaten with the runny yolk.
The waffle was good too because it is light and crispy with a soft centre without being too sweet.
Crab cakes:

These crab cakes were made with almost 99.9% crab meat.
They tasted really nice with freshly squeezed lemon.
Earl grey tea:

To finish I had my favourite Mighty Leaf Earl grey tea which never fails with its fresh leafy flavours because it contains whole tea leaves in the tea bag.
The Pudding Nouveau
G/F, 17A King Street, Tai Hang

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