Saturday, April 04, 2015

Skewed for a new look

Skewed has just been renovated and the tables and chairs are much more comfortable because the height has been adjusted.

New dishes:

Here was what we had:
Cheese fondue:

As usual, I had my favourite cheese fondue and the cheese was gooey and cheesy.
Grilled salmon jaw:

Underneath the crispy skin was soft and silky salmon.
Monkfish liver:

These were cubes of velvety monkfish liver drizzled in appetizing dressing.

Everyone is going to love s'mores because they are delicious with chewy grilled marshmallows sandwiched in between the crackers.
The crackers they used this time were better than the ones on my last visit because they were crispier.
Foie gras toast:

I loved the way it was drizzled with generous balsalmic which made it even more refreshing and the foie gras had this velvety melt in your mouth texture.
Grilled white eels:

Before trying this, I didn't know that white eels were different because I just assumed all eels were the same containing lots of bones.
This was surprisingly delicious because the skin was so crunchy and the eel was delicate and delicious.

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