Friday, April 24, 2015

Thai dinner by the harbour at Namo Thai

I don’t normally dine in Kowloon but tried this place because of the lovely harbour view and vibes.
It is a popular spot for people nearby to have drink afterwork.
Anyway, we sat inside and tried some items on the spring menu.
Pink basil:

This was made with a sweet concoction of pomegranate, Thai basil, guava syrup, lime juice and egg white.
The drink was sweet with a lovely basil in the taste to give it more dimension.
Tuna tower:

This was a nice starter with tuna tartare and creamy avocado dressed in tangy lime dressing that made it moresh.
Coffin bay oysters:

The oysters were big and fresh.
Chicken charms:

I loved these pieces of fried chicken because they were crispy and coated in mild spicy sauce that was slightly creamy.
Lobsters in two ways:

The lobster was served in two ways, one was made into Tom Yum Kung soup but unfortunately it was too salty.
The other was served in a egg cream curry which was delicious with rice because the lobster was springy and the curry sauce was just perfect with the rice.

This was barramundi wrapped in banana leaf hence the name banana-mundi,
The fish was delicate and silky surrounded in aromatic herbs and fragrant sauce.
chiang mai ribs:

As well as the fish, the ribs were good because the curry sauce was really tasty and there was also light pumpkin puree that gave it some sweetness.

I ordered this because of the tri coloured layers of sticky rice, there was a layer of purple glutinous rice, then coconut glutinous rice and pandan glutinous rice which was sweet and satisified my dessert cravings.

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