Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super tapas that will send you over the moon

When they first opened I came here for the edible cigars but as I was dining on my own so I couldn't try other stuff.

The restaurant decor is stylish.

Here was what we had.
Slow cooked egg:

This was slow cooked egg on Iberico sobrasada and chicken consomme.
A strong chicken soup which went nicely with the delicate poached egg and Iberico sobrasada which tasted like my favourite snack pepperami.
Tuna tataki:

This was lightly seared tuna over sliced potatoes and piquillo peppers sauce.
The tuna was tasty with a nice umami aftertaste.
Pimentos de padron:
These were traditional green peppers from the North of Spain sauteed and finished with flakes of sea salt.

Basically they tasted like mini green peppers with a soft texture.
Anchovies and piquilllos:

Cantabric smoked anchovies with a piquillo blanket and shaved Spanish almonds which were a delight because the anchovies were tasty complemented by the crunchy almonds.
Hokkaido scallop:

This was a piece of Hokkaido scallop over a sea urchin sauce on a bed of wakame seaweed.
The sea urchin sauce was rich and creamy.
Just serrano:

For ham lovers, this will satisfy your ham craving.
egg waffles:

This was a famous HK style egg waffle topped with savory serrano ham.
An interesting pairing of sweet and savoury.
roast suckling pig:

Slow cooked crispy suckling pig served with zucchini and apple puree.
The suckling pig was tender and soft with a crispy skin.
Tropical smoothie:

A nice smoothie with a strong pineapple taste that was not too sweet or sour.
Crema catalana:

The creme brulee had a nice touch of cinammon while the texture was smooth and velvety.
Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar:
388 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

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