Friday, April 17, 2015

Saturday buffet at The Great Indian Kebab Factory

This is the second branch in Hong Kong, the main branch is in TST.
Although I love Indian food, I tend to dine in Hong Kong because the Kowloon ones are localized.

Some of the dishes are localized because they have to be consistent with the TST branch and they have some creative things like strawberry mustard dressing.

I had a craving for Indian food again but couldn't make it to Noble Spice so went here instead for the buffet on Saturday which costs $128 per person the same as Jashan.

The view is nice and scenic.

The curry selection was really good but there was choi sum rice which was localized and weird but it tasted ok.

Slim and long grains of rice

There was plain rice as well.

The plain naan was fantastic because it was light and flakey with a slight chewy texture.

They had curd rice which I loved because I always mix rice and yoghurt together, but this was better because the yoghurt is stronger.

For dessert they had this divine rice pudding which was sooooooooooooooooooo delicious and it wasn't too sweet and the spices were light.

When I left M88, I was attracted by this colouful flyer which tells you to submit receipts to win vouchers to spend at M88.

I was really chuffed to win $200 to spend here again because I don't fancy the other restaurants at M88.

Stayed tuned for the second review: Sunday brunch at The Great Indian Kebab Factory.

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