Monday, April 27, 2015

Sold out but not sold out at Cafe&Meal MUJI

On my last visit, I forgot to check out Café Muji so this time came here for dessert because they looked good.

Anyway, ordered the pudding and they said it was sold out.
It was weird because there were two in the cabinet when I went out and they were still there.

It was a weekday evening and surprisingly packed and the tables were really close together so it was annoying being forced to listen to other peoples’ conversations.

Not everyone had a basket to put their bags because I was not given one and the table behind me didn't get one.

Ordered a drink and the pudding after he checked that it wasn’t sold out.
Cucumber mojito:

It was a refreshing drink with a strong fizz, there were lots of diced cucumber in it that got stuck in the straw.

Overall, it was nice and tasted natrual because of the diced cucumber and fresh mint leaves.
Waited ages and it didn’t arrive so decided to pay the bill and leave.

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