Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Reminiscing the Past at Shang Palace

As I was not brought up in Hong Kong, this was the perfect experience for me to try the dishes of the past because not many restaurants serve these dishes.
All these dishes are available until the end of March!
Trio delights:

On the plate were Deep-fried crab meat fritters, Roasted sliced pork and chicken liver with honey accompanied with crispy fried milk.
To my knowledge, not many places serve the roasted sliced pork with chicken liver and the only one I have heard of is called Tak Lung located in San Po Kong.
Over the new year I tried a lamb version at YUE.
The one here is surprisingly good because the liver is surprisingly velvety which goes extremely well with the tasty roast pork. There was a slice of fat too which always comes with it that I never eat.
The crispy fried milk was a really good because it was savoury with a texture like tofu.
Double boiled quail broth with bird’s nest:

This was a nourishing soup with a boiled quail stuffed with protein rich bird's nest.

Traditional sautéed boneless chicken wings stuffed with Chinese ham and bamboo shoot:

The chicken wings were tasty with delicious ham in the middle but the chicken wings could be crispier or they could have trimmed the fat off before pan frying.
Braised spare ribs with deep fried buns:

These spares ribs were a delight because there was no bone and the bun was chewy and flakey which tasted delicious with the spare rib sauce.
Coddled Chinese lettuce served in fish broth:

A balanced meal must have vegetables and the Chinese lettuce was delicate and sweet in MSG fish broth which I drank as well.
Double boiled pear with sea coconut :

For dessert we finished off with a sweet boiled pear filled with sea coconut in the middle.
Shang Palace dessert tree:

The dessert tree was stunning.
On the dessert tree were glutinous rice balls filled with mango and pastries.
Shang Palace
G/F, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, 64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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