Friday, April 24, 2015

CHEF on stage at CHEF STAGE

I am not quite sure what to make of this restaurant but the head Chef Eddy Chu is an aspiring restaurant consultant, who has been a consultant for one of the French restaurants I have been to.
The menu here is interesting, it is not purely Western food because the Chef hopes to cater for locals which is why they have items like the crispy bun (ju jai bao) and roti with curry sauce that is out of the blue!

Here was what I had:
Japanese new year cake with truffle sauce:

I didn’t realize I had picked a popular dish but it was interesting because you could imagine it like Asian chewy gnocchi. It would be great if there was cheese in the sauce as well.
I found the sauce really creamy which is very palatable and suited for local tastes.
US short rib beef with honey gravy:

The meat was soft but it was quite bony.
Grilled beef, linguine in tomato sauce:

It was a bargain because it had beef slices on top but I found the tomato sauce too sweet.
After trying the food I felt that Chef Chu has succeeded in catering for local tastes because locals tend to go for creamy and sweet dishes!

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