Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The useless GODIVA cash coupon

A month ago, I saw photos of the white chocolate softserve posted on Instagram by a blogger but as I am not a white chocolate lover I soon forgot about it.

Then a month later, there was a sudden promotion on this white chocolate softserve and bloggers were invited to try the white chocolate softserve which was blasted on their FB feeds.

It seemed convincing and since I had a $50 cash voucher from the bank I decided to use it on the $45 softserve.
According to the terms on the voucher, it didn’t say you had to spend over $50 but they said the voucher could not be processed hence I had to get some extra stuff.

The white chocolate softserve was really creamy and tasted like Nestles milky bar chocolate which was on the sweet side so I will probably try the chocolate twist next time as I have two more $50 cash vouchers.

They also had tubs of icecream but the Earl Grey icecream which I wanted has not been launched yet and Godiva doesn’t seem to know because they emailed me on the 9/4/2015 to ask about the voucher incident so I told them and asked about the Earl grey but since then there has been no more correspondence.

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