Saturday, April 25, 2015

French toast with apricot at Peak Cafe Bar

For breakfast I don't normally order anything sweet but they had this French toast with apricot and yoghurt which I had to try.

French toast with apricot and yoghurt:

With the location being in Central and right by the mid-levels escalators the French toast was not going to be the silly local ones dipped in egg and drenched in thick syrup.
It was a modest toast filled with finely sliced apricots in the middle served with tart vanilla yoghurt.

The toast was divine because the apricots were sweet and fruity while the tart yoghurt mellowed it out.
Earl grey tea:

The tea took some time to come, from ordering to chasing it up with another waitor who forgot so we had to reorder it again.
It was good to see that they were using tea leaves and not tea bags.
Peak Cafe Bar
9-13 Shelley Street, Central
2140 6877

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