Wednesday, April 29, 2015

foodpanda to the rescue

When foodpanda was first launched I didn't think much of it because I was surrounded by good food but when my location changed I got depressed because all the food around the area was SHXT.
I found myself constantly travelling to other areas for food which probably sounds extreme but I love food that much!
Finally went on their website to see what I could order.

First you have to enter your location so that the database will show the list of restaurants around your area, but don’t fret because there are some restaurants that are not nearby which you can order.
I reduced my choice to one restaurant because it was Jewish food which I have never tried before and it is located in the Jewish Community Centre of Hong Kong which is not open to public.
Made the order and the super cute panda was here to the rescue with my delicious gourmet food!!
** Please note that the delivery person is not guaranteed to be dressed up like a panda.

The food was lovely and hot and it was just amazing being able to get special food especially cous cous and chicken soup with matzoh balls.

There were two huge pieces of chicken thighs in that dish.

If it were not for foodpanda I wouldn't be able to try the food from the Jewish community centre but I wonder how they managed to get in because it is members only!!
Foodpanda is amazing and I can’t wait to order again.

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