Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rainbow palette

I don’t really venture into Hung Hom to eat because the location is really inconvenient unless there is something good that I want to eat and it better be worth it!!

Anyway, Hotel Sav is funky new hotel that shines on the corner.
It is definitely the hotel for me because I love anything that is colourful.
Each floor of the hotel has a different colour scheme.

The restaurant is called Palatte and there is a different cocktail each day.

There was an impressive buffet selections which satisfies the basic requirements of locals namely oysters and lobsters.

For me cheese and good breads are a must.

My favourites were the hydroponics salads.

There was made to order pasta where you can choose the sauces and ingredients.

The tandoori chicken was delicious because it tasty but not spicy and the chicken was springy and tender.

There was more meat options at the carvery too!

To finish off, there were so many desserts but the Korean icecream is a must try!!

1/F, Hotel sáv, 83 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom

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