Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eat like an official!

When I first heard of this restaurant, I really fell for it because the pronunciation is the same as the Government house 禮賓府 so I was a bit surprised that the public could go in for food.
Anyway, it turns out the name of the restaurant is 禮賓傅 which is still pronounced the same but the last word means Master.
Although the name is slightly different, it is still related to the ‘Government House’ because this place serves dishes that were served to officials at the ‘Government House’ because Chef Chung previously catered for government officials there.
Chef Chung has previously prepared dishes for world leaders such as President of PRC Xi Jinping, Premier of PRC Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of Russian Dmitry Medvedev, and former President of PRC Hu Jintao, former President of the United States George Bush and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher.
Lai Bun Fu is themed with elements from colonial days with Chinese antiques and British bits and pieces.

I was really lucky to try their Saturday brunch, which is a 4-course brunch costing HK$368 which has dishes that were served to the government officials.
For a more luxurious experience, diners can choose Free-flowing Prosecco, Italian Bellavista NV Cuvee Brut priced at HK$518, or French Jacques Picard Brut Champagne at HK$618, and unlimited juices and soft drinks at HK$398.

The SATURDAY four course brunch includes three gourmet appetisers, main course, rice or noodles, and dessert.

Among the three appetisers to choose from are Sesame Prawn Cutlets on Toast, Deep-fried Breaded Crab Claw, Sautéed Minced Pigeon with Lettuce Cup, Peking-style Roasted Chicken, Deep-fried Prawn Mousse Stuffed with Shunde Milk Chips, and Deep-fried or Steamed Egg White Dumpling with Fungus and Mushroom.

From the six above I liked the prawn toasts because you will be surprised to find a layer of foie gras in between!
My second favourite was the dumpling filled with diced mushrooms and fungus and another good one to choose is the minced pigeon.
Soup (a la carte):

The soup that day was preserved vegetables with eel which had an interesting strong white pepper taste and it was the first time I have tasted eel soup.
The main dish is a choice from the following:

Stir-fried Vegetarian Shark Fins with Shredded Abalone and Scrambled Egg,

Fresh Crabmeat Stir-fried with Egg White and Milk,

Deep-fried Crispy Angus Beef Brisket with Curry Sauce,

Scrambled Egg with Prawns,
Sautéed Spring Beans with Diced A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef,

Stir-fried Fish Maw Shallot (for an extra HK$90),

half portion of Sifu’s Crispy Chicken with 5 Flavour Condiments (for every 2 diners).

All the dishes above were damn good! So it would be hard to decide hence I suggest going with more people especially the chicken because the five sauces are modern and fruity with roselle, blueberry, red beancurd, green tea salt and lemon!
For the main course it is a choice of Fried Rice or E-fu Noodles with Abalone Sauce.

Both were good but I preferred the rice because it was tastier and had quite a lot of ingredients in it.
Lastly, brunch ended with dessert which was a light coconut sago that was not too sweet.

As well as the brunch menu, the a la carte is also served.

At the end, we were given a lovely crystal filled pen which will go in my crystal filled pens collection!

Lai Bun Fu 禮賓傅
5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central

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