Monday, April 06, 2015

Vrooom Booom brunch Tea party at Fiat Caffé

As well as good food, they serve fine teas by The London tea company so we had quite a few teas because we were there for brunch.

Herbal infusion:

The name is not what it seems, I was expecting herbs such as lemongrass but it was Roobois which has a smoky burnt taste.
Fruit infusions:

For this one I was expecting citrus fruit but it had a strong Lemongrass fragrance with a fruity taste.
Tropical infusion:

The tropical infusion was my favourite because it had sweet notes with a hint of pineapple.
Grilled black cod filet and lentils:

For mains I had the grilled cod which was tender and flakey paired nicely with the appetizing lentils in tomato sauce.
Spring chicken with grilled vegetables:

The chicken was part of the brunch option which is light and tasty rubbed with aromatic rosemary.


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