Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Super oily at Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant

Again I did not choose this place but went here for dimsum which is pretty annoying because you have to go and get them yourselves.

Shortly after dim sum I wanted to throw up because the food was too oily.

The taro croquette was the only item I liked because the taro filling was really tasty and velvety but the coating was too oily.

Boiled plants!!
I don't know why in HK they serve vegetables just as they are without cutting them into smaller pieces.

The worst dimsum was the steamed buns, the bun was so dry and dense that you had difficulty swallowing them and it seems that HKers can't produce decent bread or steamed buns because I think they lack self raising powder in the recipe!!
The beancurd prawn rolls were weird, they contained Chinese celery which ruined the taste.
Out of all the beancurd prawn rolls I have tried, this was the first to contain it!
However in Sai Kung, there are many weird dishes such as lobster and cheese cooked with ginger.

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