Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All you can eat Dim Sum @ Loong Toh Yuen

Came here because of the all you can eat dim sum promotion.
Before I tried this place I also dined at Loyal Dining which also did the All you can eat dim sum as well.

Compared to Loyal Dining, it is more expensive here and there are more choices but the choices are traditional dim sum items at a better quality.
Although the quality is good, the food does not come fast so you can only order about two rounds.
On the table were some sauces, chili sauce and soy sauce.
The beans were soaked in yellow wine and tasted really nice.

Daily herbal drink:
It was quite good that a herbal drink was provided, it was grosvenor momordica which was not sweetened.
Salmon and vegetable spring roll:
This was quite nice but the piece of salmon in the spring roll was mushy.
Shrimp roll with thousand year old egg:
This was delicious, it was shrimp, preserved eggs, and pickled ginger wrapped in rice paper dipped in sesame and deep fried.
It was light because the rice paper melts in your mouth and the shrimps and preserved eggs were delicious.
Mashed potato pastry stuffed with roast duck, pork and mushroom:
This was delicious and reminded me of taro croquettes, the filling was silky and the duck was rich.
If it was not so oily it would have been perfect.
Baked bun filled with BBQ pork:
This was really cute but the BBQ pork was slightly too sweet.
Pan fried taro cake:
There was too much preserved wax sausages in it.
Beancurd sheet roll:
This was quite nice but it had a lot of MSG in it.
Minced carp fish cake:
Rose champagne shrimp dumpling:
Tasted nice and you could taste a hint of rose.
Beef balls wrapped in beancurd sheet:
Usually the beef balls are served on the beancurd sheet but this one was wrapped inside the sheet which made it look visually nice.
The taste was good too.
Abalone, chicken and fish maw wrapped in beancurd sheet :
This was a piece of chicken, fish maw and abalone wrapped in beancurd and steamed.
Pork shaomai with liver:
The pieces of pork were big and chunky and the liver was hard, rubbery and bitter.
The liver was attached to the shaomai with a ginger stalk.
Mini steamed BBQ pork Chinese bun:
I really liked the steamed bun because of its size and the ratio of bun and BBQ pork was just right.
Shaomai with dried scallop:
It just tasted the same as the ordinary shaomai but with dried scallop.
Beef tripe:
The beef stomach was clean.
Spare ribs with black bean sauce:
The pork was nice and soft.
Steamed chicken, fish maw and shittake mushroom :
This was the same as the chicken and abalone wrapped in beancurd but without the beancurd.
Chicken feet in black bean sauce:
The chicken feet were soft and the sauce was rich.
This was really nice, there was no MSG and it had dried vegetables.
BBQ pork rice rolls:
This was quite nice and the BBQ pork was fatty.
Pan fried shrimp rice rolls:
The oil that was used was not that fresh, so there was some oily taste.
Beancurd pudding:
The beancurd pudding was served with a separate bowl of sugar which was good and the beancurd itself was quite silky and smooth.
Steamed custard layered cake:
The cake was layered with custard, sesame and shredded coconut which I found too sweet.
Egg tarts:
The egg tarts were perfect and the egg tart pastry was just right and not burnt.

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