Thursday, September 11, 2014

A new restaurant in town

Went all the way to Sai Kung to try this new restaurant which sounded British from the Restaurant name.
(Previously made an enquiry through FB for a menu, but no menu has been uploaded hence I randomly made a trip into SK to try it).

Comparing it to other British do's, their prices are quite expensive and probably the most expensive in the Sai Kung square because the roast costs around $26X which costs more than dining in Central or Wan Chai.

They did have the basic British fare like Bangers and Mash, Cottage pies which still costs way more than other top notch places in Central.
If it was authentic fare, it would probably be worth paying but I changed my mind on the cottage pie when they said the custard was made with Vanilla because they said it was Fusion so for that price, I hope the other items were not fusion.

As I wanted to try the sticky toffee pudding, I ordered a small bolognese so that I wouldn't be too full.

The smoothie was free because they gave me a coupon when I went in.
(I shouldn't really complain because it was free but it didn't look a smoothie.)

The second attempt was much better visually with blended ice and tasted strong of blended berries.

Then came the bolognese which was garnished with a piece of Thyme.

The bolognese sauce was actually quite good because it had a rich tomato taste with onions and basil, but the pasta strands were too thick for my liking but I still managed to finish it because the sauce was good.

For dessert, I was tempted by the Bramley apple crumble but the Chef said it was custard sauce made with Vanilla which was not the proper English custard so I got the sticky toffee pudding instead.
Although the traditional British Sticky toffee pudding does not look like this, the pudding was a surprise because it was presented in a modern way with the toffee sauce separately served.
I requested mine with plain whipped cream instead of icecream because the normal sticky toffee pudding is meant to be really sweet which is why they serve it with proper custard.

Anyway, the sponge was really nice with bits of wheat in it and the cream and toffee sauce complemented it really well, however the sauce tasted like caramel more than toffee.
Union Jacks Bar & Grill (西貢)

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