Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Interesting fried snack joint called the Red Penguin

This joint used to be some Italian do, but not anymore.

Seemingly Japanese, it is called Red Penguin which doesn't sound quite Japanese which was how I noticed it.

Upon entering, there were fried snacks in the glass cabinet.

I only wanted to try the potatoes which cost $10 for 4 pieces.

There are a choice of three sauces and I opted for the tomato because that one seemed to go well with fried potatoes.

Fried potatoes:

The potatoes were nice and crispy. They had an extra coating of starch which made them extra crispy.
I had no expectation for the tomato sauce because the colour was not the usual red colour but the taste actually made the potatoes taste divine because it had a vinegary taste with a hint of tomato.
The bill: $10
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok
English Menu: Yes

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