Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seafood at Tuen Mun's seafood street

When it comes to seafood, Sai Kung springs into mind but there are actually lots of other places that have great seafood such as Tuen Mun and Lei Yue Mun.

This time we ventured into Tuen Mun's Seafood Thai 泰海鮮.

Here is the latest episode of 食得招積 that was filmed there and what we tried.

Baked Castle peak bay lobster with cheese

The lobster was fantastic because there was a fragrant cheese smell when it was served and the surface was golden and crispy.
It was a gorgeous layer of cheese on top with meaty lobster beneath it, the cheese was divine because the texture was firm but not gooey which made it appetizing without being too heavy.
Typhoon shelter crab

Next we had the Typhoon shelter which is a signiature dish in most seafood restaurants.
The crab was fresh infused with delicious fried garlic and chili flavour, whilst the crispy pieces of garlic complemented the crabmeat nicely.
Clams cooked in creamy wine sauce

The clams were cooked in a delicious cream and white wine sauce which was Chinese and Vietnamese fusion with herbs and onions.
Each clam was fully flavoured and creamy balanced by the sweet onions and herbs.

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