Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chicken Tikka masala at M&S Café (Tai Koo)

Went to Marks and Spencers for some curry.
After ordering the food I was given a number and they brought over the food.

Chicken Tikka masala with rice and naan:

As expected it was delicious and better than my expectations because the chicken was still soft and tender after it was reheated even though it was white meat and the chutney was gorgeous because it was slightly sweet with a tart mango taste.
After mixing the rice, masala sauce and chutney everything just tasted bliss.
The naan is slightly different to the ones you get in Indian restaurants because it was thick and soft.
Marks and Spencers Cafe:
Shop 130, 1/F., Cityplaza, 1111 King's Road, Tai Koo, Tai Koo

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