Friday, September 26, 2014

Another option for Nitrogen ice cream in Hong Kong

ICE POP Nitrogen Ice-cream (Causeway Bay)
As well as successful Labmade, there is now Ice Pop, not to mention two other pathetic ones which kept running out of Nitrogen whilst the other one just gave you the usual icecream pretending it was Nitrogen icecream.

Anyway, ICE POP is located opposite Tiger Curry on Pennington Street.
It is spacious serving drinks and cakes as well.

There were four flavours that day and I tried the bubble tea and tofu.
Bubble tea:

Basically it tasted like a mix of Hong Style milk tea with a strong earl grey flavour with the usual bitter aftertaste of Hong Kong style tea.
So if you like Hong Kong style tea, this would be the flavour to choose.
Tofu with seasalt and mochi:

Personally the tofu was my favourite because I like tofu and it had a decent soybean taste but the sweetness was a bit sweet.
The one I had did not have castella cake or mochi in it as seen on other photos.

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