Friday, September 26, 2014

Decent curries at Himalaya Restaurant (Wan Chai)

As I had this a while ago, the prices might have gone up.
Eversince I had their lunch buffet I have been meaning to go back because the variety is good.
In the end, I ended up coming here a few years later and the quality was just as good which is reassuring.

For lunch, a drink is included, but I found the banana lassi too sweet and the banana taste was a bit artificial.
As water was given, I was not really bothered with the sweet lassi.

They give you scrumptious chewy but crispy naan which is perfect with the curries.

The curry selection is good but you have to get their early because not much is refilled after 1:45pm.

Here was what I had.

I really enjoyed the curry buffet because the taste of the curry was not spicy and the rice was soft and delicious with my favourite tikka meats and yoghurts.
Although the curries in UK tastes better, the Indian rice in Hong Kong is better because they don't use as much colourings as they do in the UK.

The bill was less than $100 which was a bargain!

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