Sunday, September 07, 2014

It's soooo good! Another branch of Sooo Vegi

The food at Sooo Vegi is healthy and affordable.

I am thrilled there is now a second branch on the corner of Merlin Road.

It is decorated with its signature green theme.

The menu is pretty much the same but they have all day breakfasts and laksa.

The best thing about this branch is the air conditioning and the comfortable environment which will make me return more often.
It's not that I don't like the other branch but the second hand smoke from people smoking nearby makes me sick.

Came here two days in a row, the first day I had the breakfast.

The breakfast comes with coffee or Roselle tea but as I don't these drink these I got the Monkey head mushroom soup instead.

Comparing it to the first time I tried it, the taste is much stronger with mushrooms and pulses.

I got this because I was curious what vegetarian bacon would look like and because I like scrambled eggs.
The bacon was soft and the texture of the imitation fat was quite realistic because it was springy.
It was a nice breakfast as a whole, especially the scrambled eggs because they were slightly runny and tasty.
Pasta Bolognaise:

I loved the bolognaise sauce because it had a rich tomato taste with lovely pieces of onions in it.

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