Sunday, September 21, 2014

Random visit to Home's Kitchen (Quarry Bay)

Came here because it was empty.

According to the menu, there are two dishes which are exactly the same as Hung don don, after asking the staff, they said the Chef used to work there.
Perhaps Quarry Bay is a place full of competition as there are more people to restaurants ratio hence the same dishes everywhere.

For me I prefer variety.

Anyway, I could not find this shop listed on openrice because on the menu it says "Home" but it is listed as Home's kitchen.
Instant noodles with cheese sauce with fried chicken leg and egg:

When it arrived, it looked like the chicken had been in an explosion with the skin blasted and ripped exposing the flesh!!!!!
The fried egg was rubbery and the cheese sauce was not cheese sauce, it was just a milky sauce with salt added which is how the Chinese perceive cheese.

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