Sunday, September 14, 2014

Desserts at Ho Lee Fook

I have always wanted to try this place because it is Chinese food with a Western twist.

Came here twice.


On the first visit I had the dessert BUT refused the glass of water because in one of the reviews that person got charged quite a bit for it.
Passion fruit sorbet, lime and coconut marshmallow, pomelo, roasted rice:

This was refreshing especially the passion fruit sorbet which was balanced with the sweetness of the marshmallows that had a gorgeous coconut taste and a hint of lime.
You could visually see fine shreds of lime rind in the marshmallow and the texture of it was as light as egg white.
The roasted rice was crispy and gave a pretty dusting to the marshmallows with a roasted taste.
::::::::::Second visit::::::::
Granny smith apple granita, calpis sorbet, mochi, koji jelly:

I had this dessert on the second visit and asked for it without the calpis sorbet because I don't like Calpis.
I liked it because they used Granny Smith apples which are green and tart.

Another surprise was the jelly, it was pink with bits of rice in it and there were pieces of chewy mochi in it.
Compared to the first dessert I found it a bit too sweet.
When the bill I arrived, I got two fortune cookies which I did not get on my first visit.

Fortune cookies are not Chinese but is a novelty snack invented overseas with a fortune slip in the middle when you crack the cracker in half!!


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