Sunday, September 07, 2014

The King of Soy beans in San Po Kong

I rarely go to this stretch of Kowloon but discovered this place after dining at Antoshimo.
This place is surprisingly close to the Mikiki mall.

On the walls, there are product shots of the food which is extremely helpful.

The menu has English too!

Started off with my favourite Savoury soybean soup.

It was loaded with spring onions, fried dough stick slices and dried shrimps which gave it lots of flavour and you could also smell and taste the sesame oil.
Then I had the spicy minced meat with noodles.

Personally I found it too spicy for my tastebuds.
There is a choice of cellophane noodles (mungbean noodles) to go with the mince.
Cellophane noodles would definitely taste better.

To sooth my tastebuds, I had the grounded sweetcorn soup which was mildly sweet with lots of grounded sweetcorn in it.

Tried these glutinous rice balls which are clumps of glutinous rice shaped into balls, panfried and then sprinkled with meat floss.

They were nice and filling.
[Please note that they are not served during peak hours ie 12-2pm]

For desserts, there are quite a few to choose from.

I tried the ginger milk dessert which had a strong ginger taste without being too sweet.

The sweet dumplings in soymilk were also good.

Last but not least, the most delicious item in the restaurant which is not served from 12-2pm!!

These are super delicious fluffy and soft steamed Chinese buns with finely grounded meat and preserved vegetables in the middle which are similar to those Taiwanese Guo Baos but costing a mere $10 for 2!!!!!!

The grounded pork was panfried giving a crispy texture loaded with gentle spices and a cumin kick!!

Definitely an item that must be tried if you go at the right time.

If I come here again, I am going to try the steamed rice in lotus leaves with juicy spare ribs!

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