Monday, September 15, 2014

Vegetarian lunch at Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

I went to Isoya because I saw photos of the Lime noodles posted by LLWL who is a passionate food lover.

To be honest, I have not tried the upstairs restaurants on Wan Chai Road and there are lots of potentially good restaurants on that road.

The lifts were impressively fast and there was a cute ginger cat at the entrance of that building.

It was nice and relaxing at the restaurant.

I was given hot tea when I sat down.

I tried the set lunch which costs $98 with a main and three side dishes.
Unfortunately two of the sides I wanted were not available because they change every day but the sides I had tasted good.
Spongy tofu:

The tofu was fun to eat because it was exactly like a sponge, if you dip it in sauce, you can see the liquid being absorbed into it, so when you ate it, the liquid all comes out when you chew it.
It had this strange sweet cake taste in it.
Egg and potato salad:

It was a nice down to earth salad that was not cloyingly sweet with a delicious strong potato taste.
Panfried gyozas:

There was not much filling in it but they were creative ingredients such as beancurd skin and burdock which tasted nice.
Lime noodles:

I loved these chilled noodles but the lime was not strong enough by my standards so I requested for more which improved it because I love the acidic taste.
[However comparing this photo to LL's there are less slices here]
The noodles were extremely fine, soft and silky flavoure by the delicious refreshing cold soup and the umami taste of the dried laver shreds.
This was icecream mochi but it was those standard ones where they source from external suppliers and it was mango which I am not fond of.

After I finished I felt quite full but when I got downstairs I was feeling a little hungry!

Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant
9/F, Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai

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