Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Naked with fun

Since the last visit, the menu has improved.

I liked the way, the menu has been divided into different sections such as
-Let's get it on

The decor could have been more daring with lace patterns to match the menu.

Here was what I had.
Thai style:
Fried garlic, lime, fish sauce, sweet chili paste and sea grapes.

The oyster was plump and fresh which went well with the fried garlic and sauces but the sauces could have been stronger.
Black truffle root chips:

Crispy lotus root slices paired with Yuzu garlic cream and black truffle paste.
The lotus root chips tasted like crisps but I couldn't quite taste the Yuzu in the dip but the truffle was nice and strong.
Tomato paired with quinoa and uni budo:
Sea grapes, bonita flakes, beetroot, red radish, endives, cucumber, creamy shisho dressing.

This was an interesting salad because there were Japanese elements and western elements paired together.
The quinoa was soft and delicious smothered in creamy shiso dressing with refreshing tomatoes.
Tuna tartar:

Poached quail egg, big eye tuna, cucumber, ginger cilantro truffle oil served on a Crispy wonton wrap.
Delicious minced tartar packed with flavours from the ginger and truffle topped with a perfectly runny quail egg.
Chipotle mekajiki belly:

This was swordfish belly which had an interesting texture, it was like marbled beef which melted in your mouth but it was actually fish.
It was paired with delicious Chipotle sauce which was spicy and balanced the fish oils.
Braised short rib:

This was juicy chunks of beef paired with chunky pieces of beetroot and asparagus.
I loved the chunky sweet pieces of beetroot.
Bird's Nest with Naked Milk Pudding:

To finish off, had the birds nest milk pudding which was beautifully decorated with purple potato powder.

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