Saturday, September 27, 2014

Great food at Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

My friends from UK were back so decided to have some non Western food on the first meet up.

As they were not familiar with Hong Kong we decided to meet up below the famous big TV at Times Square!

Unfortunately, it was not working that night.

We attempted to go to Paradise Dynasty but it was too busy so we randomly went to Wu Kong.

When we got there, the restaurant was 70% full.

The menu seemed moderately expensive but luckily the food was edible.

It was very noisy so it took a while to adjust to the noisy settings.

Here was what we had:
Tofu filled with vegetables:

This was delicate tofu filled with finely chopped vegetables which were not grassy but it was a bit too salty.
Peking duck:

The Peking duck is different to the UK ones because it was coated in corn starch and deep fried, but it was ok because the duck was meaty and soft.
Wontons in chicken soup:

We found something in it and it was nice of them to cook a fresh one again!!!
It was ok but too salty.
Vegetable rice with salty pork slices:

The vegetable rice was soft and went well with the other dishes but there was a strong lard taste.
Mushrooms with finely chopped preserved vegetables:

This was my favourite because the mushrooms were flavoured by the preserved vegetables.

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